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To achieve the millennium development goals (MDGs), particularly MDG4, UNICEF launched different programs in collaboration with partners to promote the health services in the areas of Pakistan. The focus is on children and women who are particularly vulnerable to malnutrition, disease, violence, diarrheal diseases, acute respiratory infections (ARI), malaria, measles and malnutrition.

The advancement in education sector, to promote the educational facilities and to raise the literacy rate in the backward areas of Pakistan for social and economic development, UNICEF Implemented programs i.e. establishment of child friendly school (CFS), Provision of educational material, formation of parent teacher council (PTC), students representative council (SRC), community mobilization and awareness initiatives in collaboration with partners to achieve the universal primary education.

Child Protection:
UNICEF’s global mandate is to provide the children social and psychological protection especially in emergencies, for this child friendly spaces (CFS) were formed in the areas of Pakistan in collaboration with implementing partners to protect child from violence, exploitation and abuse. These spaces provide the learning environment and recreational material to orphans, separated, disabled, traumatized, unaccompanied children.

For the provision of healthy environment, safe drinking water and to promote the overall hygiene conditions, UNICEF have taken the few initiatives i.e. installation of tube well, hand pump, open well/ dug well, springs, provision of storage tanks , Installation of latrines in camp, mobilization and awareness sessions for the hygiene promotion and to use the bathing facilities.


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