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Food Program:
WFP supports the return and rehabilitation of one million displaced people in FATA through a six-month unconditional food ration of wheat flour, pulses, oil and salt to mitigate food insecurity until they restore their livelihoods.

Logistic Capacity Development:
In Pakistan, natural disasters, occurring at both greater frequency and with increasing intensity, contribute to low economic growth. In 2010, heavy monsoon rains triggered devastating floods in Pakistan resulting in nearly 2,000 deaths, destruction of homes, population displacement, diminished food security, loss of livelihoods and damage to public infrastructure on an unprecedented scale. Nearly 20 million people were affected. The extent of the destruction in 2010, and in subsequent years, critically demonstrate the importance of disaster risk management at all levels - district, provincial and national – to prepare for and respond to future crises and the need to strengthen emergency disaster response capacity by introducing basic infrastructure, previously lacking, for an effective and coordinated humanitarian response.


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